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Tradewind Maritime


Welcome to Tradewind Maritime Services, the maritime regulatory and legal consulting service of Andrew Norris, J.D., Captain, U.S. Coast Guard (retired). 

“I will raise a glass and toast the best operational lawyer I ever ran into. You educated me on the value a good lawyer can bring to operational issues and I will always be thankful for that education.”

Comments of senior U.S. Coast Guard admiral, the former Chief of Staff for the Fourteenth Coast Guard District from 2006-2008 (my direct supervisor) on the occasion of my retirement in summer 2016

Please select the ABOUT tab below for more details about me and my experience, the SERVICES tab for a more detailed description of the type of work I can do for you, and the ARTICLES tab to view my publications and articles. 


Thanks, and I look forward to helping you conduct your maritime business in the most efficient and

effective manner possible!

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